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Baked Fresh

Bodhi Artisan Bakery is a local favorite at Farmers Markets throughout The Williamette Valley. You can find our fresh baked long-fermented sourdough breads, French pastry and delicious locally sourced farmer inspired fare at the Albany, Corvallis, McMinville and Salem Famers Markets all season long. Bodhi Bakery will soon be opening a retail location in the Corvallis downtown and be available 5 days a week from our bakery location in Albany and the Winters Farmers Market in Corvallis. 


Bodhi @ 2nd St. Coffee

"Water Avenue Coffee co-founder, Matt Milletto is a native Oregonian and studied at Oregon State University in the late 90's, fully embracing the city of Corvallis and was integrated in the local food and beverage culture. Water Avenue Coffee believes in environmental, social and economic stewardship, and maintaining a local community focus here in Oregon is a big part of what makes Water Avenue special. Water Ave works side by side with coffee farmers to improve quality from seed to cup. This direct trade model cuts out intermediaries, allowing Water Avenue to send more money directly to the growers to promote a sustainable future for their farms and the specialty coffee industry in general."